Burkinabe Soldiers detain 74 and possibly kill 2

Burkinabe Soldiers detain 74 and possibly kill 2

07 Dec 2018, by Database Manager in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

Burkinabe soldiers detained approximately 74 men and severely beat many of them during a cross-border operation near the border with Mali. The soldiers accused the detainees of supporting the Burkinabe Islamist armed group Ansaroul Islam. The soldiers allegedly transported 44 of the men into Burkina Faso for questioning, and two of the detainees died from mistreatment shortly after arriving in Djibo

Details of Occurrence

Country of OccurrenceBurkina Faso
State of OccurrenceAbia
Date of Occurrence09 Jun 2017
Security Agents InvolvedBurkinabe Soldiers
Legal FoundationsArticle 2 of the Burkinafaso Constitution
Rights ImplicatedThe inherent right to dignity of the 74 men were highly disregarded

Two of the detainees allegedly died

Region of Occurrence Burkina Faso Nigeria


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