Daily Trust Reporter Abducted by the Police

Daily Trust Reporter Abducted by the Police

14 Aug 2018, by Chimee Adioha in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

Musa Abdullahi Krishi, a Daily Trust reporter attached to the House of Represensatives in the National Assembly, was abducted by Policemen in Abuja and taken to Kano, on the claim that they were taking him for interrogations. His abduction was the highest point of intimidation the company faced since its publication of a paid advertisement which the governor of Jigawa State had taken exception to.

Details of Occurrence

State of OccurrenceFCT
Date of Occurrence13 Mar 2018
Security Agents InvolvedThe Nigeria Police
Legal FoundationsSection 34 and section 39 of the 1999 constitution
Rights ImplicatedHis dignity and constitutional rights to expression were infringed on.


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