Journalists assaulted for filming military.

Journalists assaulted for filming military.

31 Dec 2018, by Kez@ClosingSpaces in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

Kendrick Ofei, a freelance journalist, alleged to be beaten up by a group of soldiers when he was caught using his phone to film them assaulting a civilian at an Independence Day parade. In addition to attacking him, Ofei alleged that they forced him to smash his phone that contained the incriminating video.

Details of Occurrence

Country of OccurrenceGhana
Date of Occurrence21 Mar 2017
Security Agents InvolvedThe Military
Legal FoundationsSection 15, subsection 2(a); section 18, subsection 2; and section 21, subsection 1(a) of the 1992 constitution.
Rights ImplicatedFreedom from degrading treatment, freedom from interference of property and freedom of the press.


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