Niger: Journalist, Civil Society Actor Arrested!

Niger: Journalist, Civil Society Actor Arrested!

12 Dec 2018, by Kez@ClosingSpaces in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

Kaka Touda Mamane Goni, a journalist with the Alternative bi-weekly in Niger was arrested by the Republic of  Niger’ Criminal Investigative Department (CID). He was arrested regarding an interview he gave to a local private television station where he condemned leakages of a local academic examination (The Baccalauréat) and blamed the leakage on the “laxity of the authorities” in charge of organizing the examinations.

Details of Occurrence

Country of OccurrenceNiger Republic
Date of Occurrence09 Jul 2015
Security Agents InvolvedCriminal Investigation Department
Legal FoundationsArticle 23 of the Nigerien Constitution
Rights ImplicatedFreedom of Expression.


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