Police halts Shitte’s religious gathering.

Police halts Shitte’s religious gathering.

19 Mar 2017, by Database Manager in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

Armed Security Agents forcefully disrupted a religious gathering of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in the state. The event was was organized by the Sister Forum under the auspices of IMN to commemorate the annual birthday anniversary of the daughter of the Prophet, Fatima(S.A). According to newspaper sources, the governor of Kano state, Governor Ganduje is allegedly behind the unprovoked attack on the movement considering his recent statements on the movement’s growth andf popularity in the state

Details of Occurrence

State of OccurrenceKano
Date of Occurrence19 Mar 2017
Security Agents InvolvedArmed Security Agents
Legal FoundationsSections 38 and 40 of the Nigerian constitution states that every citizen shall be entitled to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion and also freedom of assembly and associaton
Rights ImplicatedThe Sister Forum of the IMN were prevented by security agents from carrying out their constitutionally guranteed rights and freedoms.


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