Guinea Bissau Military Cracks Down on Protesters

Guinea Bissau Military Cracks Down on Protesters

11 Jan 2019, by Kez@ClosingSpaces in CS Database

Incidents & Issues

A group of people invaded the Presidential Palace forecourt to protest against the President’s nomination of a new Prime Minister. In response, military personnel attacked the protesters, leading to a stampede. Six people were injured, “including two members of parliament and a police officer”.

Details of Occurrence

Country of OccurrenceGuinea-Bissau
Date of Occurrence26 May 2016
Security Agents InvolvedThe Military
Legal FoundationsArticle 32, section 2; article 43, section 1; and article 44 of the constitution.
Rights Implicated Right to freedom of demonstration".

Six people were injured with three in critical condition.


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