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About Closing Civic Spaces

Welcome to Closing Civic Spaces Nigeria. Closing Civic Spaces is a publicly-available database on closing spaces for civic engagement and civil society in Nigeria. We present data compiled from public sources.



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    Closing Spaces Incidents Database

  • Nation Condemns Planned Arraignment of Chief Justice

    Incident Date: 10th January, 2019

    On January 10, 2019,  The Federal Government of Nigeria filed a motion asking the Chief Justice...

  • Local Gendarmerie Tortures Driver to Death

    Incident Date: 6th April, 2016

    Bokoum Salif, a driver in Dedougou, died after being arrested and detained by the local...

  • Gendarmes Torture Accused Regiment of Presidential Security Members

    Some former Regiment of Presidential Security members accused of attempting to attack an armory in...

  • Gendarme Assaults and Injures Journalist.

    Incident Date: 12th May, 2017

    A Gendarme assaulted and injured Guezouma Sanogo, a journalist at the Radio Burkina state radio–who...

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